7 characters you’ll definitely see in the pub during a Six Nations match 4 years ago

7 characters you’ll definitely see in the pub during a Six Nations match

Brought to you by Malones Edinburgh.

“Come on Ireland!”


The Six Nations is back and we can’t wait for Ireland’s opening match against Scotland in Murrayfield. We’d all love to be at the match in Edinburgh but soaking up the atmosphere in a packed pub is the next best thing.

If you are heading out to watch the action, you can expect to run into a few of these characters.

The Know It All

The Know It All is the guy in your local boozer who feels obliged to point out everything that the coach or team are doing wrong. He’ll also tell anyone who’ll listen how he’d improve things if he was on the field/coaching the team.

Just don’t mistake his self-confidence for actual knowledge. The Know It All is happiest when he has a captive audience to talk at - preferably one that doesn't answer back.

The Rugby Groupie


These are fans who aren’t as interested in the rugby as they are in rugby fans. They’ll usually be the ones who spend the match taking selfies, checking out the talent, or trying to catch the eye of big lad at the bar.

These girls or boys may not know anything about the game but they certainly know how to get a jersey in the most flattering size going.

The Jedi


The Force is strong with this one. Some people just understand the game better than everyone else.

The Jedi can take a sup of his pint, make a casual prediction about what’s going to happen, and it inevitably comes to pass within minutes. Maybe he’s a former pro or else he’s steeped in rugby culture. Either way, he just sees things that the average fan doesn’t.

The Anger Management Guy


There’s always one person who takes the game just a wee bit too seriously when his team are losing. He’ll be the one frothing at the mouth, screaming at the TV and questioning the parentage of all the players on his own team.

Tantrums, bar-thumping and anti-social outbursts are all par for the course. And that’s when his team are winning.

The Bandwagon Fan


The Bandwagon Fan tends to be fairly clueless about the sport but they seem happy to be there. What they lack in knowledge, they make up for in misplaced enthusiasm.

Expect the Bandwagon Fan to make a lot of noise when the one player he knows gets the ball. On the flip side, he still asks why Paul O’Connell isn’t playing and thinks that “The Claw” is a type of craft beer.

The Novelty Outfit Guy

This guy (it’s always a guy) thinks it’s hilarious to dress up like a six foot shamrock, a sheep or some other hideous stereotype, even when he isn’t heading to the match.

The Novelty Outfit Guy tends to be more common among travelling fans. It’s all fun and games until you end up standing behind him in the pub, trying to see over his three-foot Leprechaun hat.

The rugby pack

This group of lifelong mates converse in a verbal shorthand that the rest of the punters can’t understand, and seem happiest when they’re all cheering in unison. They constantly turn around and look at each other just to demonstrate how much they’re enjoying the match.

Expect lots of references to their schooldays or sexual innuendo. Or references to schooldays and sexual innuendo. They’re a happy bunch, unless one of them accidentally strays more than 20 metres from the group and causes everyone to freak out.

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Brought to you by Malones Edinburgh.