9 Christmas present suggestions for the golfer who has everything 4 years ago

9 Christmas present suggestions for the golfer who has everything

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You won't drop the ball with these tips.


Buying a gift for the golfer in your life can be a bit of a scramble if you don't know much about golf. Luckily for you, golfing ignorance doesn't have to be a handicap thanks to our handy gift guide for golfers.

This is your chance to finally pick up your present-buying game and buy them something they'll actually want. Check out the list of tips below to make sure that their golf game is the only thing that's below par!

1. Golf balls

Unless they’re the greatest golfer in the world, they’re going to lose golf balls. So golf balls are always a welcome present. If you’re not sure what type to buy, take a peek in their golf bag and see if they have any preference when it comes to particular brands. The best thing about this option is you can decide how many to buy based on your budget.


2. A new golf glove

Golf gloves inevitably wear away or get misplaced so they’re always a safe bet as a present. A "one size fits all" glove may sound dubious but the Zoom Glove uses flex zones to ensure that everyone gets a snug, wrinkle-free fit. You can pick one up for around 20 quid so it should suit most budgets. It’s 100% slip resistant so the only flaw is that they’ll no longer be able to use that classic excuse when they shank their drive!

3. A groove sharpener


If the golfer in your life is the sort of person who believes that fine margins win prizes, the Groove Mate is a perfect tool for them. It’s designed to sharpen the grooves in your clubface and regain the spin and control that your clubs had when they left the factory. You can pick one of them up for just over 30 quid so they won’t break the bank.

4. A picture of their favourite course

For something a bit different, why not get them an aerial shot of their favourite course to hang on their wall. GolfBirdie have some beautiful framed photos of some of the world’s best golf courses. Maybe there’s a hole on their own course where they managed a hole-in-one or a foreign course that’s on their bucket list. Either way, it’s a fitting present for any golf addict and great value at only €50 for an A3 framed print.


5. Vouchers to play at good golf clubs

You can buy all the gadgets and paraphernalia you want but most golfers will be happy with vouchers to play at other golf courses. Prices will vary depending on the golf club but you can get some great deals at some of the country’s best courses. Check out Golf Digest’s 2017 list of Ireland’s best courses if you need a few pointers on where to book.

6. Waterproofs

One thing that every Irish golfer needs is waterproof gear. What you buy depends on your budget but you’re best going for something that’s lightweight, breathable and fully waterproof. Water resistant gear isn’t much use to a golfer if they're walking through some sideways rain on the 13th fairway. Always keep the receipt handy as a good fit is a prerequisite if they’re using them to play golf.

7. Star wars divot tool


If the golfer in your life is a Star Wars nerd enjoys a good Star Wars reference, you can pick them up these limited-edition TaylorMade Star Wars divot tools. The themed tools reference everyone from Yoda to Chewy to Darth Vader. Buy them one of these and the green repair will be strong with them.

8. Tickets to a Major or PGA Tour events

This might set you back a bit but what golf fan wouldn’t want to go and see their favourite golfers play at a Majors tournament or even the Ryder Cup. This is about giving them an experience and the chance to spin a few Masters yarns when they get back to the clubhouse!

9. Golf grips

Experienced golfers will be old hands at changing the grips on their clubs. It’s a simple way to give their beloved set of clubs a new lease of life. Don’t go for the cheapest ones in the shop if you do decide to go down this route. Reputable grip brands include the likes of Golf Pride, Superstroke and Odyssey and you can expect to pay in and around a tenner a grip for normal clubs and more for putters.

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Brought to you by GolfBirdie.