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A Norwegian punter has just won €2000 after backing Suarez to bite someone at the World Cup at 175/1
What a bet this is.

What a bet this is.

Richard Helmersen placed 100 Norwegian Kroner, about €12, on Luis Suarez to bite someone at the World Cup at odds of 175/1. And, as we all know, that bet has come in, netting him just over two grand.

He told TV2, via Google Translate:

'It's really quite surreal. I sit the course to watching the game and when it happens it starts to tick the messages from buddies who knew I'd put money on it. It's quite fun. I started the only laugh. I thought, is he really so stupid that he does it again?'

'It was mostly for fun. But I knew that they were playing against Italy and England and it soon could be irritably'.


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