Adidas' new range of retro Manchester United gear is very slick 6 months ago

Adidas' new range of retro Manchester United gear is very slick


After adidas decided to sponsor Manchester United, plenty of their supporters were absolutely delighted for two reasons. 1) The club would get a shed load of money to spend. 2) The prospect of some beautiful adidas originals gear.

So far, United fans haven't been disappointed because they've been treated to some very tidy designs that were inspired by the 1985 team.

If you've been over, you might have seen a few United fans wearing these bad boys around Old Trafford.

Fans of the club will be happy to know that adidas are moving into the relatively-recent future with their next range because these designs are based on an early '90s jersey.

More details can be found here and you can currently buy this shirt for about €65.

Keep reading on though because there's another design that United fans might love.


Footy Headlines have managed to get a sneak peak at this tracksuit top that's inspired by the 1992 away jersey.

Featuring a white and blue geometrical all-over design, it closely resembles the actual away shirt that United wore at the time.

If you've got around €75 to spare, this training top is expected to sell for that price.

What do you think?

Keep an eye on adidas' official site for future additions.

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