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07th Oct 2014

Aidan Walsh says he won’t continue his dual commitment with Cork

The Kanturk man will decide his future in the next few weeks...

Joe Harrington

The Kanturk man will decide his future in the next few weeks…

Cork’s Aidan Walsh has told the Evening Echo he will give up playing with one of the intercounty setups next season after admitting that things didn’t work out according to plan in 2014.

“Overall it was very difficult. It’s something I can look back on and say I did it, but I don’t think I have any intention of doing again it for the coming year or for the rest of my career. I’d say I’ll just try to focus on one of them.

“You can ask me the question which one will you play, but I don’t know yet. I’m weighing up the pros and cons of the whole thing because it’s a very hard decision to make, especially with Cork who are very strong in both of them (codes). There are two very strong panels and it’s a very hard decision to make and one  I will have to really think about of the next few weeks. My head will be wrecked.”


Walsh has also admitted that his dual commitments during the summer affected his performance in the All-Ireland hurling semi final against Tipperary.

“I had two weeks to prepare for the Tipperary game. It’s not enough to prepare for an All-Ireland semi-final and my performance showed on the field –I was lethargic and tired and I just wasn’t up to the pace of it.

“I’m not blaming that totally on the reason that I played badly – that I didn’t get enough preparation – but it is certainly a factor in it. I see that when we lost a game the first fellas to be blamed or to be mentioned were the dual players. Obviously we were some bit to fault but not the total reason. I just thought we were always the ones mentioned.”

He has a massive decision to make and one of the Cork teams is going to be weaker because of his absence next year.

Hat tip to Evening Echo.