Fans across the country are going all out for today's All-Ireland Final 4 years ago

Fans across the country are going all out for today's All-Ireland Final

Are there any fans quite like Irish fans?

We seen what they're capable of when they leave the country en masse, like earlier this year when the Irish contingent descended upon Las Vegas for the McGregor V Mayweather bout.


And now with the All-Ireland final taking place this afternoon, the entire country has geared itself up for the game in some of the most unique ways imaginable...

Take, for example, Pat Doocey and the rest of the Doocey clan who are hoping that today will see the end of the a certain curse...

Or there's Tommy here, from the Ballyboughal GFC, who can't seem to decide which Dublin jersey to wear to the match today...


Next up we've got this generational war between father and son, as Jessica Cawley sent in this pic of her partner Francis and their 6-month-old son Connor. Dad hails from Dublin, Connor was born in Mayo, so there are going to be some disagreements...

Here we have Emmet O'Seochru from Ballinskelligs, who we've been reliable informed has been adopted in Castlebar, and he's performing this little ditty in support of his new home.


Clip via Maria McKay

If you're looking for Dublin's biggest supporter, then you really shouldn't have to look much further than Lenny The Goldendoodle. Cheers to Aimee O'Donovan for sending the pic in, and for somehow getting Lenny to look more poised and regal than just about any human being we've ever seen.


And finally, there's Padraig Waldron and his pals who have turned their car into some kind of Mayo-mobile, complete with total paint-job make-over, and if you see it around town you'll notice that it is pumping out more smoke from the exhaust than seems properly healthy for a car to be making.