Olive Foley has said she channeled her inner Anthony when delivering his eulogy 5 years ago

Olive Foley has said she channeled her inner Anthony when delivering his eulogy

Anthony Foley's widow spoke extremely honestly about his passing.

On 16 October 2016, the entire rugby world was shocked when news broke of Munster and Ireland player Anthony Foley's death.


Just over two years on, his wife Olive appeared on Marian Finucane RTÉ Radio 1 to discuss how her life has changed since her husband's passing.

The widow of the rugby legend has said she is finally seeing "a little bit of light" after a rough two years since her husband's sudden death.

Mrs Foley said that she channeled her "inner Anthony" to deliver her eulogy at the packed funeral for her husband.

She described it as "the most shocking thing imaginable."


Speaking about the moment she found out he had died, she said:

"That morning I had gone into a state of shock. My instinct would have been, ‘Let’s protect the children. We’ll hide them away until the sorry affair is over’.

"The following morning I needed some help, so I rang David and I said ‘David, just talk to me and tell me what I need to do here now'.

"He gave me the best advice. He said; if you are going to Paris, bring the children with you. Let him spend as much time as you can with the children’.


"We were going to lay Anthony out at home and they spent the two full days with him at home and it was lovely. It’s something that I’m so happy that I got the advice on because definitely I wouldn’t have exposed them that much to him at all and I just think that it’s such a lovely thing now that we have done that."