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18th May 2015

Bad news football boot fans; adidas are getting rid of the Predators


Conor Heneghan

What are they thinking?

Today is a sad day for football boot lovers everywhere as adidas have confirmed that probably the most famous football boot of all time, the Predator, will soon be no more.

The sportswear giant confirmed that all of their existing lines of football boots – the Predator, the Nitrocharge, the F50 and the 11Pro – will be banished, to be replaced by two new models, the X and the Ace, which will be revealed on May 25.

The bad news was transmitted in a 76-second ad featuring some of adidas’ most high-profile ambassadors from the world of football today.

While we understand that no boot can go on forever, we would have expected a longer grieving process for a boot that has been adored, in a number of different guises, since it made its debut in 1994.

According to French website Daily Mercato, the two boots below are what will replace adidas’ exsiting lines and while our indifference may be down to the fact that we’re still reeling from the Predator news, forgive us for not being exactly overwhelmed.

Farewell adidas Predator, at this time we think it’s fitting to remember Zinedine Zidane playing a minor role in our favourite version of the Predator scoring one of the most iconic goals of all time.