Seven easy steps for you to become a better runner 1 year ago

Seven easy steps for you to become a better runner

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Follow these steps and you'll become a better runner in no time.

There's no better form of exercise than a good old-fashioned jog. It's free, it's quick, and you don't have to worry about the hustle and bustle of an actual gym.

Plus you get to pick your own hours. You just head out and get the run done in your own time, be it a light jog on the road or taking part in a local parkrun.

With more and more people signing up for parkrun and all other types of activities, we've come up with a list of seven simple steps that will help you become a better runner whether you're a veteran, beginner or somewhere in between.

Actually starting

This is without a doubt the hardest part. Once you've completed your first run, you've won half the battle.

Even if you've done it before, making sure you don't fall out of practice is the hardest part. Maybe try to get someone else with a similar fitness level as yourself to join you on a run.

If it's only 10-15 minutes, that's enough.

Reward yourself

What better way to give yourself some encouragement than some little incentives to complete each run?

This could be in the form of a cheeky takeaway after a particularly good week of training. If you’re a Vhi customer, then sign up for their parkrun rewards programme on the Vhi app to earn different rewards including sports towels, LED running lights, phone holders and more once you've taken part in a parkrun.

What better encouragement is there than free stuff?


When running, it's important to set goals to help with motivation and get you out the door.

Take note of how far you're going and how long it's taking. Then set yourself a target and try to beat that time.

Improvement is the name of the game here!

Don't be shy

Right, so we realise that you might not be Mo Farah. So you probably haven't been trained to run by a professional.

This definitely isn't an issue, but it might mean that you don't have the technique down to a tee. Long story short, you might look a little silly.

But who cares? Run whatever way you like. If you're going fast enough, people will only see you for a second or two.

Hell, even go full Phoebe from Friends if you want to.

become a better runner

Know your limits

But while it's important to set targets, it's vital that you don't push yourself too hard. We're in this for the long haul here.

Don't go out on heavy runs every day of the week, as recovery is just as important in running as the actual running itself.

When you build muscle, you're actually causing tiny tears in the muscle fibres which need time to repair. Adequate rest will benefit you far more in the long run (pun intended) than dogging yourself every night of the week.

Don't be a hero... parkruns are only once a week on Saturday mornings, so they would be a great starting point.

Use your mornings

If you manage to get your run ticked off early in the morning, then you really are dedicated. Whether it be Monday to Friday or at the weekend, mornings can be the perfect time to get out.

Getting a workout in before work or early on your day off sets you up perfectly for the rest of the day, and what better way to do that than to head on a run?

We know that it's tough to get up when your bed is so comfy, especially in this weather, but you'll feel way better for it. It will release endorphins to put you in a great mood and the best possible position for you to attack your day with vigour.


Okay, we accept that the cold weather doesn't exactly help with the whole getting out and running thing. But that's why you need to get some comfy, warm gear for yourself for the chilly months ahead.

Running gear, including proper running shoes, are pivotal to the whole experience. So make sure you're feeling good before you think about going anywhere.

Vhi customers who sign up for the parkrun rewards programme will receive useful running items like sports towels, LED lights, and pouches for your phone. Having the right gear makes things a lot easier, and your body will thank you for it!

Vhi is helping its customers live longer, stronger, healthier lives by partnering with parkrun in Ireland. To celebrate the partnership they've decided to go digital and reward Vhi customers who take part in parkrun through their rewards programme by logging in to the Vhi app.

Brought to you by Vhi