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29th Jan 2014

Blooper Bowl: The funniest moments from the NFL this season

It's not all fun and games, but it is at least some of the time


It’s not all fun and games, but it is at least some of the time

Football is serious business, of course, but not all the time. Every now and then something pretty funny happens, and we can all have a good laugh whether it’s on the field or off it.

This season, there have plenty of moments that brought us a chuckle, so JOE decided to have a look back over some of our favourites so far.

Getting em-owhson-al

Knowhson Moreno is an emotional man, and he loves his country. His country is MURICA YEAH! Anyway, during the national anthem earlier this year, he couldn’t hold back that emotion and released some of the biggest and most amazing tears we’ve ever seen emitted from a human. They’re almost hypnotic…

moreno crying

Backpage headlines for the wrong reasons

As a defender, you didn’t often get the chance to return the ball to the house for a touchdown, but if you manage to pick off the quarterback and the field opens up for you, then your name will be up in lights. However, what you do have to do is make sure that you get the ball over the line seeing as that is how they define a score, and unfortunately Broncos’ linebacker Danny Trevathan either didn’t know that or totally forgot it. Either way, this turned from a pick six into a drop six. Whoops…

slow mo broncos mistake

Dallas players forget the rules

Danny Trevathan wasn’t alone in not remembering all the rules of the game, as a few Dallas players were caught in a similar situation earlier in the season against the Giants, when they conveniently forgot that you need to tackle a player before he goes into the endzone to prevent a touchdown.

dallas no tackle

No one likes Tom Brady?

For love nor money, Tom Brady’s teammates really don’t want to high five him. It’s not that it happened once by accident, it keeps happening, from the regular season all the way through to the playoffs.

Brady high five 2

And again…

high five 2

And again and again…

high five 1

And again and again and again…

tom brady high five funny

We suppose that his millions of dollars, super-model wife and several Super Bowl rings will be mere scant consolation for being left hanging so often.

The Manning brothers got rhymes

Eli and Peyton Manning are no strangers to media coverage, especially this week given the media scrums Peyton will have to put up with in the run up to Sunday’s big game, but they’re also no stranger to taking the piss out of themselves a little bit. This year, right before the season started, they released this brilliant video of them rapping about the latest Direct TV offering of NFL games on your mobile device.

Still, Football Cops from a few years ago is going to take some beating.

The most electrifying corner in the game, Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman grabbed all the headlines after the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers this year when he went off on one in the post-match interview with the lovely Erin Andrews. While that’s been seen to death, this remix of the video featuring ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund of WWF fame is absolutely brilliant and worth another look.

Papa John superbowl

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