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17th Mar 2018

Brian O’Driscoll made a tasty sum of money on a Six Nations bet that Ireland would win the Grand Slam

Kate Demolder

Brian O'Driscoll

That’s true belief right there!

Rugby legend, Irish hero and all-round good guy Brian O’Driscoll may no longer be making his mark on the pitch for Ireland any more, but that doesn’t mean he’s not as involved as ever.

Putting a good chunk of his own money on the line, BOD took a risky bet today that paid off in the form of some big bucks.

The ex-Ireland rugby captain took to social media just after Ireland’s unbelievable win at Twickenham on Saturday afternoon to show off his winnings and prove just how much he believes in his former colleagues and up and coming rugby stars.

O’Driscoll put the grand sum of €150 on a 7/2 bet for Ireland to win the Grand Slam against England on Saturday.

Which, of course they did, meaning he just made himself €525 richer in one fell swoop. Adding that to his original bet of €150 which he’ll also get back – the former pro is set to take home €675 from a bet that proved his undying loyalty to his team and country.

The Dublin-native posted his bet on Instagram, where plenty of patriotic and delighted fans have commended him on his savvy bet.

“Drinks are on me!!”, O’Driscoll posted.

Ireland beat England 24-15 in Twickenham to complete the Grand Slam and beat our nation’s rivals on their home turf.

Tadhg Furlong was named man of the match in what was the team’s third time ever claiming the Grand Slam as their own.