Champions League man of the week: David Luiz 7 years ago

Champions League man of the week: David Luiz

Far more than just a sideshow (Bob).

PSG defender David Luiz might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but nobody can deny that the man isn’t thoroughly entertaining.


Gary Neville once famously said that he defended as if he was being controlled by somebody playing PlayStation.

He’s also the one player you could imagine fitting Chris O’Dowd’s famous description of former Roscommon ‘keeper Shane Curran, when he said he could save a penalty, but he'd be just as happy to ride a bull into a church.

At Stamford Bridge last night, Luiz delivered a vintage Luiz performance.

On the one hand, there was some kamikaze defending and an ongoing battle with Diego Costa that could easily have earned him a red card.


On the other, his equaliser was a bullet header of raw, unadulterated power and he tested Thibaut Courtois with an outrageous free-kick from out near the halfway-line.

Vine via Ryan Krasnoo

As if to complete the package, with PSG down to ten men and trying to see out the game with seconds left in extra-time, Luiz popped up on the right wing trying to get involved in the attack.


The right wing! Only Luiz.

Afterwards, he even apologised for celebrating a goal against his former club – there’s really no need David – but he must have felt some satisfaction about defeating a team managed by a man who never really trusted him during his time at Stamford Bridge.

Never change David.

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