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02nd Oct 2014

Champions League Pic of the Week: Arjen Robben stranded on the streets of Moscow

A cold night for Robben...


Bayern Munich’s trip to Russia to face CSKA Moscow was a little surreal this week. They played the match in a stadium containing roughly the same amount of people that are in JOE’s office today.

But before any of that happened, this did…

robbenPic via: Getty

No, Arjen Robben hasn’t decided to give away all his possessions and live in the wildnerness like Emile Hirsch’s character in the movie Into the Wild. The former Real Madrid man had to cosy up in the fresh air of Moscow because the fire alarm in Bayern’s hotel was set off the night before the crucial group match.

Foul play? Surely not…


The Bayern players and management team were out in the cold for over an hour, but didn’t mind too much after they secured a 1-0 victory over the Russian side.

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