The Champions League TV format has changed - here's what you need to know 3 years ago

The Champions League TV format has changed - here's what you need to know

Some big changes here.

The Champions League is back!


It's been four months since Real Madrid won their third final in a row, and we are definitely ready for a new tournament.

But before we can start to get too excited about the plethora of amazing games we have in store, we have to figure out how and where we're going to watch them.

There are new kick-off times, changed television rights, and new channels to take into consideration.

So to avoid any confusion we've figured out everything you need to know about this season's Champions League.


First of all, there are new kick-off times.

Games will be staggered so that you can now watch two games in one night.

The first of the kick-offs will be at 5.55pm, with the second game will start at 8pm. Today for example, Inter Milan will play Spurs at 5.55pm and Liverpool will host PSG at 8pm.

Virgin Media will have one of the games and RTÉ will show the other.


Mouth-watering stuff.

So after you rush home from work on a Tuesday you'll hopefully have two games to choose from.

Unfortunately, the situation won't be the same on Wednesdays, where there will be no free televised game in Ireland.

The channel formerly known as TV3 will show both games on their subscription channel, as will BT, meaning you'll have to put your hand in your pocket to view these.


Do you think it's a welcome change, or will it prove to be a disaster?