Chin up Jason; Here are 10 penalty misses that were even worse than Puncheon's 9 years ago

Chin up Jason; Here are 10 penalty misses that were even worse than Puncheon's

You thought Crystal Palace's Jason Puncheon's spot kick was bad at the weekend? Well it was, but we reckon these were even worse.

John Terry, Champions League final 2008


Okay, the Chelsea skipper did slip but if he had scored, the Blues would have won the Champions League. As high stakes misses go, this one was right up there...

John Terry Penalty Miss Champions League Final... by kokoretsi

Roberto Baggio, World Cup final 1994

The only miss we can think of with even bigger stakes than Terry's, as the Divine Ponytail handed the 1994 World Cup to Brazil with this hoof into the sky.


Diana Ross, World Cup 1994

In fairness, this is even worse than Baggio's.


Jon Walters, Stoke v Chelsea, January 2013

Perhaps stepping up to take a penalty after scoring two own goals, with his side 4-0 down, wasn't the Irish striker's brightest idea. As the following effort shows.

Jaap Stam, Euro 2000


Puncheon-esque from the big defender, as Holland went crashing out of Euro 2000 to Italy.

Robert Pires and Thierry Henry, Premier League 2006

Two of the Premier League's finest contrive to mess up a spot kick in a completely unexpected way against Manchester City


Charlie Adam, Carling Cup final 2012

Another infamous miss, and the start of a million internet jokes

Chris Waddle, 1990 World Cup

Few people know this, but Waddle's own little piece of inter-stellar debris was the inspiration behind 'Gravity.' True story.

Amir Sayoud, Egyptian Cup 2011

This is pretty funny...

Peter Devine, 1991 HFS Northern Premier League Division One Cup Final

But this is still the funniest penalty miss ever