Chris Kamara attempts a 45, ends up pulling hamstring and clocking a tractor 6 years ago

Chris Kamara attempts a 45, ends up pulling hamstring and clocking a tractor

It's a long way from Croke Park, that's for sure.


The latest port-of-call on Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara's journey to commentating on next month's All-Ireland final involved them making their way through one of the most westerly and remote parts of rural Ireland, in a Toyota Corolla well past it's prime.

No biggie, really.

The lads made their way to the smallest of the three Aran Islands, in Inis Oírr, and were taken aback by the rural way of life on the island that has a population of only 280 people.

They journeyed towards the grounds of CLG Oileáin Árainn, in Páirc Peile Inis Oírr, and along their travels came across a horse and cart, much to their amazement.


A training session was ongoing in the pitch, and Jeff and Kammy were startled at the fact that some players have to leave their home island in order to make training.

The lads do it for the love of it, however, and by watching this third episode of Jeff and Kammy's road to Croker, you can sense that they're beginning to feel the love as well.

The club are investing seriously in their underage structures, with youngsters regularly gracing the picturesque playing grounds and adding to the social scene of the area.

The dynamic duo were lucky enough to come across the club's youngest player, in two-year-old Jack, but club members will be hoping he's not paying too much attention to Chris Kamara's free taking technique - bad habits and all that.


The pair's Irish still leaves a lot to be desired, maybe young Jack could give them a lesson.

See how they got on below for yourself.