COMPETITION: Win €200 worth of Bulk Powders supplements 2 years ago

COMPETITION: Win €200 worth of Bulk Powders supplements

Brought to you by BULK POWDERS. 

Get a serious training boost with this great prize.

There was a time when you could tell people that caterpillar juice would turn them into super athletes and they’d probably believe you. A Full Irish was essential big match preparation and orange slices were seen as cutting edge performance supplements.

They were simpler times!

Nowadays, anyone who’s serious about their sport or training knows their carbs from their protein. We’ve all become a little bit wiser about our nutritional needs, especially what we can and can’t get from an average plate of food. Even amateur sport is all about fine margins now, particularly when it comes to how you fuel your training and recovery.

If you already use supplements or fancy giving them a go, we’ve a fantastic prize for you. We’re giving away a €200 health supplement bundle, with thanks to the good people at BULK POWDERS.

The supplement bundle includes a range of all their best-selling products, including Pure Whey Protein, liquid egg whites, high protein snack bars, Complete Multivitamin, Instant BCAA and much more. As if that wasn't enough, one lucky runner up will receive a €100 supplement bundle.

Bulk Powders has over 1,200 products in their health and nutrition range and they have some great deals on all your sports nutrition needs. Whether you're bulking up or slimming down, they have all your nutritional requirements covered. They only sell directly to the consumer and manufacture the vast majority of their products in-house so this helps them to offer the lowest possible prices.

For the chance to win a €200 bundle of BULK POWDERS' best sellers, simply answer the question below and fill in your details. There’s also a €100 bundle prize for the runner up so don’t miss out!

BULK POWDERS have also just released a brand new super strength Pre-Workout formula called ELEVATE ZERO. For more information, check out the BULK POWDERS website and see what other great offers are available. 

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Brought to you by BULK POWDERS.