Conor McGregor makes fun of Floyd Mayweather's sudden growth spurt 5 years ago

Conor McGregor makes fun of Floyd Mayweather's sudden growth spurt

How did Floyd Mayweather Jr think he was going to get away with this?

There was something a little different about the third leg of the Mayweather vs. McGregor world tour. 'Money', on tape at least, gives away a couple of inches to McGregor but the pair were looking eye to eye at the Barclays Center [sic].


Where did the 40-year-old's growth spurt come from?

As it turned out, Mayweather was hardly coy about disguising how he gave himself a boost:


John Kavanah, McGregor's coach, went in for a closer look and was far from impressed.


They're like something Marty McFly may have brought back to the 1980s when he rammed into 2016 at 88mph and shocks of flame.

There was no way McGregor was letting that slide when the pair clashed for the final time at London's SSE Arena, on Friday night. 'The Notorious' mocked Mayweather for the antics and made a fantastic point:

"You should have worn them [shoes] on the first day, you stupid, baldy twat!"

Perhaps Mayweather had been surprised at McGregor's height when looking back on the photos for the first two legs of the tour.


He could have been a bit more discreet about cheating a couple of inches but discreet is not his style.

Now, where can we get a pair of sweet kicks like that?