Conor McGregor met Vladimir Putin at the World Cup final and his comments are very controversial 5 years ago

Conor McGregor met Vladimir Putin at the World Cup final and his comments are very controversial

The Notorious was in Russia watching the final.

Vladimir Putin may have been bone dry during the World Cup trophy presentation - that guy who holds the umbrella must be getting a raise soon - but Conor McGregor might just land himself in some hot water after hailing Putin as "one of the greatest leaders of our time."


McGregor has been enjoying his 30th birthday celebrations this weekend - the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion visited Longitude and commissioned a gigantic statue of himself to be built  - but his next stop after Marlay Park was Russia.

It appears that Putin and McGregor crossed paths at the Luzhniki Stadium and the Dubliner had nothing but nice things to say about the controversial Russian president.


"Today, I was invited to the World Cup final as a guest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This man is one of the greatest leaders of our time and I was honoured to attend such a landmark event alongside him. Today was an honour for me Mr. Putin. Thank you and congratulations on an amazing World Cup, Go Russia!" he said in Instagram.

As you may know, Putin's tenure as the President of Russia has been one of the most infamous and controversial regimes in the world.

Under his tenure, there was Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the subsequent war in Eastern Ukraine. Aside from this, there are countless human rights violations in Russia which include violent attacks on LGBT people that remain unchecked.

Regarding Putin's political opposition, there's a litany of mysterious murders of his political rivals, the recent indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking the US elections, and his policy of supporting Bashar al-Assad in Syria.


All this without mentioning his hostility towards the EU.

One of the greatest leaders of our time?