Stand back and admire Conor McGregor's boxing boots for Mayweather clash 5 years ago

Stand back and admire Conor McGregor's boxing boots for Mayweather clash

Conor McGregor's new boxing boots are something else.

If he wears them inside the ring for actual combat, Conor McGregor's new boxing boots won't remain that colour for very long.


For the entire build-up to his diamond-encrusted panty night against Floyd Mayweather on August 26, 'The Notorious' has been donning predictably flamboyant attire. From the 'Fuck You' suit to the Versace robe to the tricolour gloves and green shorts, the UFC superstar has gone all out with his sartorial choices for this camp and has more than likely received a serious wedge for repping those brands.

Since this fight is not taking place inside the Octagon, McGregor isn't tied down to the Reebok deal that makes it mandatory for UFC fighters to wear nothing but Reebok gear at promotional events. However, it looks like he struck a deal with sportswear behemoths to wear their footwear.

You have to check this out...

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If you've been following McGregor's incessant bombardment of training photos on Instagram, you will have already noticed that he's been lacing up Reeboks as he prepares for the toughest test of his career.

The traditional colour scheme of white, black and red doesn't look half bad on the Dubliner.


However, the ones he flaunted at his recent open workout in Las Vegas put them to shame.

Admittedly, white isn't the best colour to wear for combat sports, but if he ends up donning these beauties with the gold trim on fight night, they will look absolutely glorious for the brief moments they don't have blood splattered all over them.

Conor McGregor's new boxing boots


Absolutely gorgeous.

Conor McGregor's new boxing boots

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