Boca Juniors fans sacrifice jobs, marriage and cars to make it to Copa Libertadores final 4 years ago

Boca Juniors fans sacrifice jobs, marriage and cars to make it to Copa Libertadores final

Boca Juniors fans really want to be at this game.

If you're not aware of the current situation surrounding the Copa Libertadores final, I don't know how you've managed to avoid the story.


For those of you not fully aware of what's going on, allow me to bring you update to date quickly.

The second leg of the final between Boca Juniors and River Plate, two sides from Buenos Aires who hate each other like no other derby in the world, was suspended and relocated to Madrid after Boca's team bus was attacked by River fans.

If the final were still taking place in Argentina, only home fans would be allowed to attend. But as it has been moved, fans of both clubs have been granted access to tickets.

As you can imagine, demand has exceeded supply by a significant amount.


Stories of Boca fans doing anything and everything to get their hands on a ticket, or just to get to Madrid, have surfaced since the announcement that the game would be played at the Bernabéu.

"I know people who have been divorced directly as a result of Boca. They were told, 'it is Boca or me'," Nicolas Mattera, a member of the Boca Juniors fan club in Madrid told Spanish newspaper MARCA.

"It ended up being Boca. It's something that can't be stopped and there are thousands of stories.

"There are some who have literally offered us their car in exchange for the flight and entrance to the game.


"Many people have also left their job to follow Boca or been sacked. They were told they couldn't have the day off and could decide on work or Boca.

"As I said, there are so many stories. Some are giving up their entire life savings to buy tickets and ask to sleep in the gardens of houses.

"The passion is so widespread and you see people going to La Bombonera who only have months to live to enjoy it once more. You'll see everything in Madrid."

Needless to say, this game matters quite a lot to the fans.


It matters too much, hence why it had to be suspended and moved. Hopefully, Sunday night will not see a repeat of the unsavoury scenes that occurred outside El Monumental.