Cork schoolboy team fined for taking players off pitch in stand against racism 9 years ago

Cork schoolboy team fined for taking players off pitch in stand against racism

Carrigaline United have spoken out against the fine imposed by the Cork Schoolboys League...

Two coaches from Carrigaline United have revealed that the club were fined after refusing to continue a game in which one of their players was racially abused.


The incident happened in a recent must-win under 15 relegation decider and speaking to the Irish Examiner, coach Mark McCarthy explained what went on: "The player was visibly upset and claimed he had been subjected to a tirade of verbal racist abuse from a player on the opposing team (during the first half). It was the second time this season the player was subjected to racial abuse on the pitch.

The coach then spoke with the referee, who apparently did not hear the abuse, and McCarthy refused to allow his team back on the pitch, in the hope of securing a rematch.

McCarthy was then called before the Cork Schoolboys League disciplinary committee, who imposed a €200 fine on Carrigaline United for the incident.

McCarthy stands by his decision to not continue the game: "I had to decide whether we should continue and try to win the game, or should I protect our player. I chose to back the player, protect him and the club. And we got punished for standing up for that. I made what I think was the moral decision. I think I made the correct decision."


A member of the Cork Schoolboys League refused to discuss the specific details but did say the league does follow the FAI’s code of practice for dealing with racist incidents.

Hat-tip to the Irish Examiner.