Are county GAA jerseys eternally stylish? 4 years ago

Are county GAA jerseys eternally stylish?



The county jersey. Is there a more recognisable item of clothing in Ireland? As connected to our social lives as it is to sport, GAA jerseys have ingrained themselves in Irish culture.

When it comes to shorts, the GAA standard throughout the years has remained too small to be comfortable. But the jersey... The jersey has evolved; changing shape, style, and shade yet always remaining class. Every county (except Offaly) has consistently and tastefully updated their jersey for the modern gentleman and gentlelady, tailoring a kit for the modern palette.

Whether you fancy adorning a GAA jersey from Christy Ring's heyday or one you'd see lining out at Croke Park today, you know you'll be pulling on a top with style, substance, and strength. Sometimes the original is so good it never needs to be changed that much. The same can be said about Coca-Cola.

You don’t have to think about when it comes to choosing between Original Coke or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. One way or another - classic or contemporary - with Coke you never get it wrong!



The green and red of Mayo is synonymous with the game at this stage, and the formula for the jerseys hasn't required too much of a change over the years.



Their iconic green and gold jerseys have struck fear into opponents for decades, and demands respect regardless of their present form.




There's no denying Down has a long way to go before competing for the Ulster Championship, but their jersey isn't something that needs looking at.


The Royal County rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to their jerseys.



You're just as likely to see a Dub jersey from 1990 as you are from 2018 in Croker. Instantly recognisable.


Another one you won't get confused with another county. the yellow torso and green sleeves work very well together.


Always a simple red with a touch of white. The jerseys themselves don't need to be rebels, just the men wearing them.

We've teamed up with Coca-Cola to celebrate the classics and the contemporaries with a unique gallery that looks at the glory of the past and promise of the future! A seasoned brand like the GAA knows its strengths, and the same can be said about Coca-Cola!