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13th Apr 2018

What happened to Damian Browne’s body while rowing the Atlantic is horrible

Alan Loughnane

Damian Browne

It puts his achievement into perspective.

Damian Browne is a former rugby player with Connacht, Leinster, Northampton and French sides Oyonnax and Brive and since his retirement, he admits he lives an adventurous lifestyle.

Browne was a guest on The Hard Yards rugby podcast this week following his truly amazing solo row across the Atlantic.

It took him just 63 days to make the trek across to arrive into English Harbour (Antigua) in strong winds and on a choppy sea, to finish off his 4,800km journey which began in the Canary Islands.

He encountered a number of problems on his journey with the root of a lot of them being the two capsizes he suffered, one of which damaged his navigational system leaving him relying on a GPS and a compass which had a 30 degree difference between them.

But the biggest issue he suffered from was from his own body and how it reacted to the stress and exertion of rowing mile after mile each day, you can listen from 38.00 below.