D*ck move. Italian athlete accused of using fake penis to beat a drugs test 9 years ago

D*ck move. Italian athlete accused of using fake penis to beat a drugs test

Italian distance runner Devis Licciardi will hope the allegations prove to be a load of cock and balls, but as you might expect from a story involving a fake penis, it doesn’t look good.

According to the Daily Telegraph, 27-year old Licciardi is accused of using the fake organ to insert ‘clean urine’ into a sample he was asked to provide following a 10km race in Molfetta in Italy at the weekend.


Licciardi, who had hardly been setting the world alight with his performances this season, allegedly told a doctor on the scene that he would “like to be alone” but was refused because the doctor's attendance was required in accordance with anti-doping laws.

The incident was immediately reported to Italian anti-doping officials and if found guilty, Licciardi will be banned for two years and perhaps even worse, will be known as the guy who was banned for using a fake penis to try and cheat a drugs test.

What is perhaps even more shocking than the fact that Licciardi used the fake penis is that a number of brands of the manufactured organs are available on the internet, they come in different colours to suit a person’s skin colour and some even contain heat pads in an effort to make the so called ‘urine’ released from the product that bit more convincing.

It can’t be denied that Licciardi went to extraordinary lengths to try and deceive the officials but as it turned out the fake penis wasn’t worth a… trip to the bank to pay for it.