Wanna go to Auckland for the Lions V New Zealand final? This is the cheapest way to get there 5 years ago

Wanna go to Auckland for the Lions V New Zealand final? This is the cheapest way to get there

If you do go, prepare for possibly the worst case of jet-lag you've ever encountered...

With the British & Irish Lions beating New Zealand in the second test, all eyes are on the third and final match between the two teams to see who comes out on top.


Fans are already at fever pitch, and some of you may be considered the cost of actually heading out to Auckland to watch the game live and in person.

We totally understand that mentally, and we've done a little research for you if you do get the sudden urge to support your locals with in-stadium cheers!

First of all, keep in mind that you're going to New Zealand, so when you're flying over there, you're actually losing two days, and then losing another day on your way back.

To that end, for the shortest amount of time lost in Ireland possible, you'd need to be leaving Dublin on Wednesday (to get there on Friday, the day of the last match), and we assume you'll probably want to spend the weekend there to celebrate/commiserate, so that would require leaving Auckland on the Sunday.


With all those stipulations, Emirates are currently selling a return flight for €1,417 per person, which will get you into Auckland at 5.10am local time, and will get you back into Dublin at 8pm on Monday evening.

Is that a lot of money to suddenly drop? Yes.

Will it be worth it? Probably.

However, sourcing accommodation, as well as actual tickets to the game itself, that is all on you. We're not miracle workers! All we can do is point you in the right direction, the rest is up to you.


And if nothing else, you may get to rub shoulders with the legend that is Conor Murray.