Eagle-eyed viewers already spotted the first GAA jersey at the US Masters 1 year ago

Eagle-eyed viewers already spotted the first GAA jersey at the US Masters

If there's a major event on somewhere in the world, you can guarantee someone in attendance will be wearing a GAA jersey.

It doesn't need to be a match day or even a county colours night for fans of Ireland's national game to fly their county flag.

It isn't a new thing for the GAA jersey to pop up at the US Masters either. At last year's tournament, a Kerry fan was seen showing his support for the Kingdom at Augusta.

Usually it takes an eagle-eyed viewer to spot a county shirt, but there have been several moments throughout history where GAA fans have showed up just in time for the photo op.

Who can forget that Carlovian's memorable photobombing of the moon landing in 1969? It was one small step for man, one giant leap for GAA jersey-wearing mankind.

Of course, we cannot forget Laois GAA receiving its best publicity in years when Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in 2011.


And who could forget the Monaghan fan in Michael Jackson's video for Thriller?

It's 2017, and GAA jerseys are still turning up places.

On the very first day, what appeared to be a Leitrim GAA jersey was spotted on the famous course.

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