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05th Sep 2014

Eight examples of big hits, intensity and argy-bargy in Tipp v Kilkenny clashes of the recent past

Barry Kelly's going to be a very busy man at Croke Park on Sunday.

Alan Loughnane

Barry Kelly’s going to be a very busy man at Croke Park on Sunday.

All-Ireland final Sunday is just days away and excitement for the clash between Kilkenny and Tipperary is at an all-time high in the JOE office.

Tipp v Kilkenny clashes are always bruising encounters and we love it, but when is the line crossed and when do physicality and big hits turn into dirty play? A lot has been made about the appointment of Barry Kelly as referee for the hurling decider and he will need to have eyes in the back of his head as well as faith in his assistants if he is to catch all the action on and off-the-ball on Sunday.

Below are some of the instances of physicality and fire that have erupted between the two sides since the start of their most recent rivalry in 2009. We don’t envy Barry Kelly having to deal with this on Sunday because some of the hits are absolutely bone-jarring…

Tommy Walsh hits referee Brian Gavin (while allegedly aiming for a Tipp player) in 2011.

Video via Paddy O’Paddy.

Lar Corbett and JJ Delaney receive their marching orders in 2013

Video via Conor Ryan.

Jackie Tyrell’s sickening hit on Seamus Callanan in 2009

Video via HurlingGoal’s channel.

Jackie Tyrell waiting for Lar Corbett to emerge from the tunnel in Croke Park in 2012

Video via hockeyhurlingshinty5.

Michael Fennelly hit on Shane McGrath in 2011

Video via GaelicGames2011’s Channel.

Padraic Maher gets physical with numerous Kilkenny players in 2012, particularly Michael Rice

Video via Paddy O’Paddy.

Benny Dunne sending off in 2009

Video via Michael Kilarney.

Tipperary trying to mark Tommy Walsh in 2012

Video via Cluain Diuic.

Have we forgotten any moments of physicality between these two sides? Let us know in the comments below…