Ellen DeGeneres is accused of racism following Usain Bolt tweet 6 years ago

Ellen DeGeneres is accused of racism following Usain Bolt tweet

On Sunday night, Usain Bolt added yet another gold medal to his vast collection.

It took him precisely 9.81 seconds to make history during the 100m final at the Rio Olympics. Not only did he become the first athlete to win three Olympic titles in the event, but he was also the star of one of the most iconic sporting images of recent times.


Photographer Cameron Spencer managed to capture the Jamaican grinning at the rest of the field in a shot that encapsulates not only Bolt's playful nature but his utter dominance over his rivals. It is up there with Neil Leifer's famous shot of Muhammad Ali towering over a vanquished Sonny Liston in 1965.

As with any such famous photo, especially in this day and age, it has been subject to many a parody and meme. Some have been very funny others, and others a little less so...


Popular US television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to breaking the internet - her famous Oscars selfie broke retweeting records - but her attempt at joining in the viral fun has backfired, and afforded her all the wrong kind of attention.

On Monday, she tweeted a photoshopped image of herself on Bolt's back with the description, 'This is how I’m running errands from now on. '...


It is a joke that has not gone down well with many of her followers. With racial tensions high in the US at present, and the Black Lives Matter movement keen to redress the balance of discrimination at all levels of American society, some have taken exception to an image that they find distasteful at best.


Others disagree, defending Ellen and arguing that neither the intention nor image is offensive...


Ellen herself responded to the furore with this follow-up tweet:

As for Usain Bolt himself, he seemed non-plussed and retweeted the image from his official account.