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16th May 2016

Everyone is laughing at the absolute farce at Old Trafford following fake bomb blunder

Nooruddean Choudry

What a complete farce.

It cost many people a great deal of money, time, stress and worry. Everyone thought that one of the country’s biggest sporting stadia was the subject of a terrorist attack. In the end, it was the result of a monumental blunder.

The ‘suspicious package’ turned out to be a fake prop-bomb that had been left behind by a private company carrying out a security training exercise earlier in the previous week. This fact was confirmed in very diplomatic terms by Greater Manchester Police.

Despite the serious aspects of the situation, no one could quite believe the sheer f**kwittery of what had happened. There was a combination of bafflement, dismay and hilarity at the mother of all f**kups at the Theatre of LOLS.

Here are just a few of the responses to a ridiculous situation that would be more suited to Brass Eye than breaking news…