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19th Aug 2018

FIFA 19 will have every La Liga stadium except Camp Nou

Wil Jones

Nearly the full set.

EA Sports have announced that they are going all in on the Spanish league with FIFA 19.

They released a new trailer for the game, promising “the definitive La Liga experience”.


The game will feature over 200 new head scans done at EA Vancouver (you can see some players pulling goofy expressions in the trailer), and all of official La Liga broadcast package.

FIFA 19 will also have 16 new Spanish stadiums, which alongside the ones already in there for last year, means it will have every La Liga ground except one. The odd one out is, of course, Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

Barca’s ground will be exclusive to Pro Evolution Soccer, with the club having signed a three year deal with Konami.

Other featured confirmed for FIFA 19 include a next goal wins mode, the return of the Journey mode, and most importantly, the ability to do Jesse Lingard’s Milly Rock celebration.

FIFA 19 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on 25 September.