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25th Jan 2014

Five of the best catches from this year’s NFL action

Not long to wait now,


It’s been another great season of NFL action, so what were the best pieces of offensive play that we can remember?

As usual, this season’s NFL action didn’t disappoint as it delivered big hits, some amazing bits of play and some pretty athletic displays. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we decided to look back and pick a few of the best catches (that we can remember) from the season just gone.

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Antonio Brown
It wasn’t the best of seasons from the Steelers this year, but this highlight reel moment from Antonio Brown is definitely worth remembering as he hauled in a pretty amazing touchdown catch against the Bears in Week 3.

brown td grab

A. J. Green’s Hail Mary Haul

Play to the whistle, never give up, stay alert… There are plenty of cliches about why you should never take your eyes off the ball until the game is well and truly over. A. J. Green managed to prove that they’re pretty much all right with this grab that seemed hugely unlikely from a ‘Hail Mary’ play against the Ravens that forced overtime.

Dez Bryant gets the yards after the catch

It’s not all about just making the reception for wide receivers, it’s pretty important that you manage to get some yards after the catch, which separates the elite players from the standard ones. This season, Dez really began to show that he was elite, and when he does things like this play against the Broncos, you can see why they put up with some of his other antics.

Marvin Jones with the one hander
There’s no better way to look incredibly flashy on a TD reception than sticking one hand out to haul it in. It bobbles a bit, but that’s exactly what Bengals receiver Marvin Jones managed to do against the Ravens.

marvin jones bengals

Megatron does what Megatron does

Triple coverage doesn’t matter to Megatron, he’ll still make the catch. He really is one of the best in the game right now.

megatron gif

Papa John superbowl

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