Floyd Mayweather bets $13 million on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl 8 years ago

Floyd Mayweather bets $13 million on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl

Floyd Mayweather is pretty confident that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl. Make that very confident

With a nickname like 'Money', we know that Floyd Mayweather likes to flash the cash when he gets the chance, and with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, he thought it would be a good time to drop a few quid on the game and have a little wager as to who would win.


When we say little, we of course mean around $13 million (around €9.5 million) on the Broncos not only to win the game but also be leading at the half.

Obviously, there's no bookie alive that would take a single bet of that size (unless they were hoping to go out of business in the very near future), so Floyd apparently used seven different agencies and four offshore accounts to make his wagers, according to CourierMail.com.au.


Just in case Peyton Manning didn't have enough to deal with by having to think about his legacy being on the line and the chance to really cement his place as one of the greatest by winning a second Super Bowl as well as catching up with his brother Eli when it comes to rings, he now has to worry about a professional boxer who will be down several million dollars if he doesn't get it done. No pressure.