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21st Oct 2018

The Football Spin featuring the unsackable Jose Mourinho, the rise of Marco Ianni and the return of Mo Salah


Marco Ianni

Don’t shithouse a shithouser. Jose Mourinho could have told Marco Ianni that.

Ianni bit off more than he could chew when the second assistant at Chelsea chose to twice celebrate in front of Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Mourinho used the moment to rise graciously above the fray while making a few verbal digs of his own.

On the Football Spin, Paddy McKenna is joined by Dion Fanning and Nooruddean Choudhry to discuss the future for Manchester United and Mourinho. Is the manager now unsackable because of the fans’ defiance and the unpopularity of Ed Woodward?

Dion and Paddy also talked about Liverpool’s title challenge and if they need to be a bit more vulnerable in defence if they want to rediscover their attacking mojo?

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