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Football team are banned from wearing their Pornhub sponsored jerseys
Porn to be wild...

A university in England has banned a student football team from wearing their new kits because they are sponsored by a porn site.

The team, named Rutherford Raiders, put Pornhub as the sponsor on their jerseys as a joke before they were contacted by the porn site who offered to sponsor their jerseys for real.

However, the University of Kent has banned them from wearing the sponsored jerseys and spokesman Martin Herrema said the team would be banned from playing if they wore the kit on campus.


Herrema said: “The University of Kent sports department would never sanction sponsorship of this type - it is totally inappropriate.

"The team has been spoken with and will not be allowed to wear the shirts in question at any time.”

We for one, thought that this was entirely unfair on the lads who showed great initiative and creativity to get sponsorship when local business were unwilling to fund them.

Although let’s be honest, if we saw a couple of GAA teams like Longford or Sligo wearing the well-known PornHub branded jerseys, we may have a different opinion on the matter.


Image via Twitter.

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