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10th Mar 2018

Horrific tackle by two U-20 French players against English opponent results in double red card

Rory Cashin

It was like something straight out of a wrestling arena.

Friday saw the French U-20 team suffer their first defeat at the Six Nations, losing 22-6 to England, but during a particularly trying scrum, things ended with a shocking tackle by the French side.

Two of the French players, Hassane Kolingar and Pierre-Henry Azagoh, effectively picked up English player Fraser Dingwall, and pile-driver’d him out of the scrum and into the pitch.

The tackle resulted in both the players instantly receiving a red card from the referee, and some viewers are expecting further repercussions to their actions.

Main image via Twitter

Ireland are to play the English side next week, with a potential win the competition should they emerge victorious from the game.