Boxing fans warned about illegally streaming Fury Wilder fight 2 years ago

Boxing fans warned about illegally streaming Fury Wilder fight

Tyson Fury's fight with Deontay Wilder is one of the most eagerly anticipated bouts of the year.

Both Fury and Wilder are unbeaten ahead of their meeting at Los Angeles' Staples Center and the fight is expected to be watched by millions around the world.


Although it's due to start around 5am on Sunday in Ireland (depending on the undercard), it's anticipated that the fight will attract plenty of viewers from these shores.

BT Sport hold the pay-per-view rights in the UK and Ireland, and authorities have now warned against those considering streaming the fight illegally... not that anyone reading this would do such a thing, of course.

Speaking to the Express, Kieron Sharp, CEO of the UK's leading intellectual property protection organisation FACT, said: "Streaming this weekend’s fight on social media, a piracy site, or using a device, box or stick connected to your TV or mobile device is illegal.

"By tuning in through anything other than official paid channels, viewers, as well as the providers, are breaking the law.

"FACT is working with BT Sport and other rights holders to disrupt and prevent illegal streaming and digital piracy, ensuring that those who engage in this activity are held accountable for their actions.

"This includes criminal and civil action as well as other types of enforcement.

"As the streams appear to be free or provided at a much lower cost there is a further potential price to pay.


"Malware installations are often delivered as part of the plug-in that users are required to install; the consequent problems this can cause are obvious.

"Extreme pornography is also sometimes part of the illegal package, which creates unwelcome content for viewers."

Friday saw Fury complete his weight loss journey with an impressive weigh-in. He also appeared to be amused by Wilder's official weight.