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03rd Aug 2017

PIC: This GAA club are a little ‘sheep’-ish about their latest problem

We think it's sorted now though.


If it continues, they’re going to get very maaaa-d.

GAA football season is in full flow all around the country and at this time of year, there can be no additional problems.

None, whatsoever.

Anything non-football related must remain away from your grounds until the season is over because nothing and we mean nothing must get in the way of football preparation.

This GAA club, (who has since deleted this post, hence why the name is scribbled out) came across a little trouble on Wednesday evening when they had some new additions to their squad…

Their furry friends weren’t on their main pitch but their location wasn’t too far away either.

The club’s chairman took to their Facebook page where he asked nicely “can the owner of these sheep please remove them from our grounds immediately.”

Fair enough, the sheep weren’t causing any harm to anyone and, in fact, they were doing the club a favour by trimming the grass for them.

However, it was what was happening after they digested the green stuff that the club’s chairman had the problem with and it was something that needed to be resolved quickly before the situation got… messy.

Maybe the club should let the animals into the opposition dressing room before a big game so they can leave their opponents some nice pre-match treats.