GAA proposes new black card for fouls 9 years ago

GAA proposes new black card for fouls

Unfortunately no, it's not a Jay-Z or Kanye style limitless credit card, but it is a new system of punishment for certain offenses.

By Adrian Collins


The GAA, if nothing else, are not afraid to innovate with the rules in order to make the game as exciting as possible to watch, and this move probably falls under that category.

In a new move, they have decided to introduce a black card for any offence which involves tripping a player or dragging him down with your arms or legs, as well as for any deliberate collision in an attempt to take a player out of the game or disrupt the flow of the move.

The black card will mean that a player has to leave the pitch and be replaced by a substitute, but if a team receives three black cards they won't be able to replace the next player who commits an offence worthy of a black card. If one player racks up three black cards across the season, they'll also receive a one match suspension.

The existing yellow card system will stay in place however, so this might make decision making a bit more tricky for referees who have to determine what level of foul was committed. It could have a detrimental effect on games where players are involved in tackles which have unavoidable collisions and are forced to pay a heavy price for something which is part and parcel of the game.


It's a tough call, but it does seem to be a genuine attempt to keep the game as free flowing and fast paced as possible. It still remains to be seen how well this new initiative will work out in practice.