Roscommon GAA fans will not be happy with this latest Darragh Ó Sé article 5 years ago

Roscommon GAA fans will not be happy with this latest Darragh Ó Sé article

"That might be enough for 2017."

Every since Roscommon went to town on the Tribesmen in the Connacht Final in Pearse Stadium at the start of July, they have been waiting in the wings to find out who they would face in the Quarter-Finals.


The mighty Mayo overcame Cork after a close encounter on Saturday and when Galway bounced back from their Rossie defeat with a win over Donegal, the games for the last eight wrote themselves.

The Roscommon v Mayo game on Sunday will be the main event and follows the Kerry v Galway game which is at 2pm.

Despite being Connacht champions, the Rossies are still underdogs in their tie with Mayo and are at 3/1 with the majority of the bookies.

Their performance against Galway and Connacht title does not seem to be enough to turn the opinion of Darragh O'Sé either and the former Kerry midfielder believes that their provincial crown might be enough.


In his article in Wednesday's Irish Times, O'Sé said: "What you do in Croke Park depends so much on what Croke Park means to you.

"For Kerry players, it means you're counting down the games it will take to win an All-Ireland. Three. Two. One. For plenty of teams, it's an end in itself. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what Roscommon are thinking in their heart of hearts."

He concluded: "Their Connacht title is in the bag - that might be enough for 2017."

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