PIC: Galway man receives angry 'culchie' letter about his parking from a Dublin resident 6 years ago

PIC: Galway man receives angry 'culchie' letter about his parking from a Dublin resident

"This is not the Wild West."

In case you have been asleep for the last 24 hours (if you were at Electric Picnic though we wouldn't be surprised, it was probably a long weekend for you), Galway were crowned All-Ireland hurling champions on Sunday.


It has been 29 years since the Tribesman lifted the Liam McCarthy cup in Croke Park but the wait ended on September 3 with a triumphant performance against Waterford.

For those of you who were there supporting Galway, it will be a moment that you will take with you to the end of your days.

A trip to Croke Park is a glorious experience but you are always advised to leave your house early in order to escape any last minute parking fiascos.

JOE reader, Hughie Keating fell into the trap of leaving the west of the country too late and was rushing up to the capital to get into GAA HQ on time to see his beloved Galway play in both the minor and senior finals.


He parked up the car in the first spot he came across and thought no more about it until he was greeted with this letter on his return...

It reads: "Culchie you are parked on private property. You are parked in a residence car space. This is not the wild west, you cannot do what you like here.

"Decent people observe the law and respect people's rights. Obviously, you are one of those people when nobody is looking you take things, it is called stealing."


Keating told JOE, "I got the note on my car after I got back to it yesterday after the match. Sure the excitement got to me and I just abandoned the car."

We'd say he would have gladly taken a parking fine every time if it meant seeing his county reach the Promised Land for the first time in almost three decades.

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