PICS: Gary Lineker came out with a genuine zinger about Jamie Vardy at the Football Writers' Awards 7 years ago

PICS: Gary Lineker came out with a genuine zinger about Jamie Vardy at the Football Writers' Awards

Well played, Gary. Well played.

We all know Gary Lineker is up for a laugh.


He may be a well-respected voice in the global game and the face of BBC's flagship football programme, but the Match of the Day man is happy to take the p*ss out of himself, as is apparent in his crisp ads and rather perilous vow to get his kit off if Leicester won the league.

Of course, his beloved Foxes did just that, and a vital factor in their title-winning campaign was their top goalscorer Jamie Vardy.

Such has been the blistering form of the England forward that he pipped fellow teammates for club and country to the highly respected Football Writers' Association Player of the Year award.


The FWA Awards were handed out at a glittering affair at London's Landmark Hotel, and Lineker was at hand to say a few words in tribute to his now fellow Leicester legend.

But instead of simply showering the 29-year-old with earnest praise, he decided to have a little gentle fun at the player's, and his own, expense.

First, there was some gentle ribbing about where the pair stand in comparison as Leicester marksmen. Lineker teased the forward with mock conceit of his own prowess...


Then there was the zinger.

As you will be well aware, Lineker is constantly reminded of something he did on the pitch at Italia '90, when he was forced to take drastic action to relieve himself against Ireland.

To this day, his every social media utterance to followed by a flurry of references to 'sh*t'.


The footballer-turned-presenter would be forgiven for being sick to death of this, but to his credit he has made light of the reaction on a number of occasions.

On Thursday evening he brilliantly referenced it in relation to Jamie Vardy's now infamous catchphrase. As you can imagine, it 'banged'...

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