Comedian accused of racially abusing German defender Jerome Boateng with blackface sketch 4 years ago

Comedian accused of racially abusing German defender Jerome Boateng with blackface sketch

The stand-up comic is closely associated with the German national team.

A German comedian has been accused of racially abusing defender Jerome Boateng after appearing on mainstream television portraying the Bayern Munich centre-back in blackface.


Oliver Pocher, a stand-up comic and television personality in Germany, appeared on national television with brown make-up on his face, depicting Boateng "as a moron", according to sports journalist Raphael Honigstein.

The controversial comedian has been the subject of numerous scandals over the years. His late night TV show, Die Oliver Pocher Show, was cancelled in 2011 for having consistently low ratings.

Despite this, he retains a large following, particularly on Instagram, where he has more than two million followers.

Pocher is deeply embedded within the German Football Association, the DFB.


A song of his, entitled 'Black and White' and referring to the colours of Germany's kit, is played before most national team games.

The DFB have also played his videos on their official YouTube channel during their short World Cup campaign.


The above images present no mere isolated incident, as Pocher has previous for donning blackface to portray Boateng during Euro 2016.

In an article on Bavarian Football Works, SB Nation's Bayern Munich blog, the full extent of Pocher's stereotypical blackface character is revealed, with Boateng portrayed as an idiot incapable of telling his teammates apart.

Here's an example of the dialogue:

Hummels: “...we have to balance offensive force with defensive stability, and, um, I think, we have to play more intelligently, huh Jerome, right?”
Boateng: “How’s that?”
Hummels: “With our heads.”
Boateng: “I don’t understand.”
Hummels: “Think more.”
Boateng: “Why?”
Hummels: “Brains, with our brains.”
Boateng: (shrugs) “That’s not what I’d say.”