Get fit, look fit: All you need to create your own mini Wimbledon at home 7 years ago

Get fit, look fit: All you need to create your own mini Wimbledon at home

It's that time of year, lads.

A combination of fine weather and Wimbledon on the telly can mean only one thing: makeshift tennis courts being set up all over the country.


For two weeks of the year, Irish people who haven't played tennis since the last time Wimbledon was on suddenly channel their inner Roger Federer and take enthusiastically to the court until they tire of rallies that rarely last any more than five shots.

Jumping on the bandwagon it may be, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do it properly, so here are a few pieces of equipment you'll need if you're going to transform your back yard into centre court for the next week or so.

Wilson Federer Pro 105 Tennis Racket Red - €70



The first thing you'll need if you're going to commit to this tennis malarkey is a racket (duh).

Root around long enough in the shed and you'll probably find an old one lying about somewhere, but if you're looking for a solid one to start you off, then this will do the job.

Solid but light and with an enlarged sweet spot, it bears some tenuous connection to Roger Federer and will help you look the part too.

Head Radical Tennis Ball 4 Can - €7



Once you have your racket, you're going to need a few balls and you can get four of a decent standard for seven quid in Elvery's.

Once you're done with the tennis for the summer, the container will also work as a handy place to store your beer change; by Christmas time, you'll probably even have enough for a decent night out.

Harrod Mini Tennis Net - €31.86



Once you have a racket and balls, the next thing you need is a place to play some tennis and you have a few options.

You could find an actual tennis court, but you might have to pay and at this time of year, you can be pretty sure that there'll be loads of people using them.

You could grab two chairs from the kitchen and put a brush handle across the top of them, but that'll lead to all sorts of debates about whether a ball actually went under or over the 'net'.

Or you could do a right job and purchase a mini net, which is portable, regulation size and could be yours for a little over 30 quid. Job done.


Nike Wristbands - €9


What piece of clothing or accessory can you wear that will most closely resemble the cream of the crop at SW19?

White polo shirt? Nah. Baseball cap? Not unless you're Jim Courier from 1993. White socks pulled up nearly as far as your knees? Maybe, but not quite.

No, what you really need are sweatbands. That's right, sweatbands.

Knowing that the camera is zoomed in on their face, no tennis player worth their salt forgets to wipe the sweat from their brow before delivering a big serve.

You might not be able to serve the ball at over 100 miles per hour, but you can look like the pros just before they do.

adidas Barricade Team 4 All-Court Shoes - €59


Finally, you might as well have a nice pair of kicks to complete the package.

These little adidas numbers are comfy, really smart-looking and are currently available on sale for just under €60 on the adidas website.