Get your Mooju back: Leicester City & Nigel Pearson 8 years ago

Get your Mooju back: Leicester City & Nigel Pearson

Not even Nigel Pearson could ruin this for Nigel Pearson.

The Leicester manager is his own worst enemy at times. He's fallen out with both fans and journalists at different stages over a turbulent season.


On one bizarre occasion, he even questioned whether a reporter was an ostrich.

All that will be forgotten now, as he has guided Leicester to the promised land: another season of top-flight football.

This achievement is astounding for many reasons. For starters, Leicester were at the bottom of the league table at the start of April and their chances of survival looked incredibly slim.


Secondly, a few of the teams around Leicester were picking up form and scraping vital victories. Yet Pearson and Leicester managed to claw their way out of trouble with an incredible run of form which led to them ensuring safety with a draw against Sunderland today.

It may not have been the best game of football the Foxes have played this season, but you'd struggle to find a Leicester fan who cares.

They're up, their team is becoming accustomed to the Premier League and they have a manager who is a PR nightmare, but a footballing dream.

Well done Leicester and Nigel Pearson, you have got your Mooju back.


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