GIFs: FIFA reveal the best goals of the 2014 World Cup 9 years ago

GIFs: FIFA reveal the best goals of the 2014 World Cup

While the World Cup may have come and gone this summer, it left us with memories that will last a lifetime in the form of some amazing goals. *JOE gets all nostalgic*

To our delight, FIFA have sifted through the 171 goals scored and, with the help of the public, have selected the 15 best goals of the tournament.


To our absolute horror, the video that's provided on isn't embeddable (surprise, surprise) so here are the top six goals of the tournament in GIF form. Why six? We hear you ask… why not five? When you see numero six, you will understand why, as it just simply had to be included in this list.

1. James Rodriguez (Colombia) vs Uruguay

GIF 1 James Rodriguez

GIF 2 James Rodriguez


2. Robin van Persie (Netherlands) vs Spain

GIF Robin Van Persie

3. James Rodriguez (Colombia) vs Japan

GIF James-Rodriguez 3 


4. Mario Gotze (Germany) vs Argentina 

GIF Mario Gotze

5. David Luiz (Brazil) vs Colombia 

GIF David Luiz


6. Tim Cahill (Australia) vs Netherlands 

GIF Tim Cahill

Can you see why Tim Cahill's effort had to be included? It is a truly magnificent strike over his shoulder with the sun in his eyes, pure class. We are at a loss in JOE Towers as to why this goal did not make it into the top five. Maybe Australia aren't 'glamorous' enough for FIFA. Who knows?

You can view the full video of the top 15 goals on the FIFA website.

Hat tip to Pedestrian for the .GIFs