The greatest show on earth is here and so is The JOE World Cup Minipod 8 months ago

The greatest show on earth is here and so is The JOE World Cup Minipod

Let's make sense of this already bonkers World Cup with our brand new daily minipod.

We probably don't need to tell you but THE GREATEST TOURNAMENT ON EARTH IS HERE.

Sorry for shouting but it's the bloody World Cup. We've already completely forgotten about how rotten Russia is and the fact that we're conclusively not there (still no place for team 33, huh?).

Just bid your loved ones a fond farewell for the next four and a bit glorious weeks and strap in for 64 unmissable games. Whadaya mean you were thinking of skipping Tunisia v Panama?

Oh and when you're at it, make some time between games for The JOE World Cup Minipod featuring JOE regulars Dion Fanning and Paddy McKenna along with daily drop-in guests. We've made it bite-sized so you're not away from the live action for too long.

Episode one recaps on a memorable opening fixture where mad Vlad and chums attempted to steal the limelight, we discuss those salty Spanish tears before a ball has been kicked and can our boys England (hahahaha, just kidding) only go and win the bloody thing?

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