Happy Birthday Mario! 24 reasons we love birthday boy Balotelli 6 years ago

Happy Birthday Mario! 24 reasons we love birthday boy Balotelli

Happy Birthday Mario.

UPDATE: It looks like Super Mario may be getting a belated birthday gift today, as reports indicate that he may be on the verge of signing for Liverpool. As he recently celebrated his 24th birthday, here are 24 reasons JOE loves the unpredictable Italian...


Mario Balotelli, to put it mildly, is a controversial figure, but we have to say that we miss the old rogue from the Premier League; it really isn't the same without his antics both on and off the pitch...

The feisty Italian turns 24 today so we're picking 24 excellent reasons why we love Super Mario here at JOE and why you should embrace the eccentric centre forward as well. On more than one occasion he has made us pull out an extraordinary Anchorman phrase such as "sweet knights of Columbus!" or an Alf Stewart classic of "stone the flamin' crows!", but this is why we love the AC Milan striker.

Without further ado, here is the hallowed list...

1. He scores goals like this.

Video via FootballGoals.

2. He has a pet pig named Super, how cool is that?


3. He shares JOE's confusion with the delicate art of putting on a bib correctly.

Video via ESPNsoccernet.

4. Jose Mourinho's funny story about Balotelli is brilliant.

Video via CNNInternational.

5. He had the audacity to declarethat he wanted a kiss from Queen Elizabeth.


6. His camouflage Bentley is all kinds of crazy.

6. He scores more goals like this...

Video via FootballingMoments.


7. He appeared, like a boss, on the cover of Sports Illustrated.


9. He brought his ferrari 450 to a go-karting track because he was banned from driving their go-karts.



10. He took a selfie with two guys who ran onto the pitch to see him.

11. He scores goals with any part of his anatomy.

Video via RooneyF50.

12. Mario proves that he is a man of many talents.

13. He certainly loves his patterns, just take a look at his boots.

balotelli boots

14. THAT celebration against Man Utd.

Video via Ronneh LFC.

15. He is capable of one hell of a slam dunk. (Warning video NSFW)

Video via ACMilan Arab.

16. He isn't afraid to let the world know that he has money to burn.

17.  He likes to come up with creative ways to perfect his passing and shooting, such as hitting people in golf carts.

Video via John Henry.

18. He likes to compare his bod to Galway great Ja Fallon.

19. He has been known to take quite a stunning free-kick on his day.

Video via Valeri GaMeR.

20. He finds it just as hard as JOE to wrap Christmas presents.

Video via Manchester City FC.

21. He loves a little magic trick.

Video via ESPN UK.

22. Mario has got style.

Video via Manchester City FC.

23. He just keeps scoring magic goals.

Video via TotalProduction.

24. He has been prone to the odd howler, but all is forgiven Mario. Happy Birthday...

Video via ezzo18channel.