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Heartbreaking Instagram post by minor footballer in Cork about friend's death goes viral
This makes for tough reading.

A minor footballer from St Michaels in Cork has gone viral after posting a heartbroken tribute to a friend he lost to suicide this weekend.

In a heartfelt message posted to his Instagram page, footballer Ciaran Adams wrote "Lost a county final by a point and also lost an unbelievable friend in the same weekend."

Addressing the circumstances around his friend's tragic passing, Adams wrote "Depression is such a strange thing that can hit absolutely anyone, at any time, and the worst thing is that nobody will ever know unless you tell them."

"For me to lose a friend and not know what he went through, not know his suffering, not understand his thoughts, is soul destroying."

The post was shared by Ciaran's club on Monday morning and immediately went viral, picking up hundreds of retweets and some supportive messages.

The post can be read in full below.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health problems, contact Samaritans at (01) 671 0071 or Pieta House at (01) 623 5606.


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