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12th Dec 2018

One of the great institutions of schoolboy football in Ireland is coming to an end

Rudi Kinsella

Herald Striker

A real shame.

There were few better feelings as a child who played football than scoring a goal and knowing your name might make it into the newspaper on Monday morning.

What was even sweeter was knowing that the “man from the paper” was actually in attendance at the game, and you might even have a picture to show everyone you know.

This was before the days of Instagram too, so you probably got the clipping framed and put on your sitting room wall. A simpler time.

It was the in Striker section of the Herald that these match reports would be found, but unfortunately, it has been announced that this section will be no more.

Next week’s edition of the paper will be the last one that features a Striker section.

Striker was also a very handy way of seeing every club’s fixtures each weekend, and made the lives of coaches quite a bit easier.

In the most recent edition, a message was printed by The Herald which read: “Next Monday’s Striker will be the final ever printed Striker – Make sure you get your copy”.

In a letter sent to a number of clubs across the country, The Herald said that: “The success of Striker has been diminished in recent times by advancements in technology and changes to the overall media landscape. As a result, we cannot continue with our commitment to publishing Striker.”

It will be missed.